Coincidence? No way!

Back in the olden days, I was once hired to paint two golden geese on a giant frying pan. The skillet was cast iron and was about three or four feet in diameter. Situated on a main street intersection, it hung outside the primary entrance to The Tidewater Inn in Easton, Maryland. I did a nice job designing and then painting the golden silhouettes of the two birds, flying close together with their wings slightly overlapped, onto the solid black background. It was a very striking and attractive sign.

I moved from the area and would occasionally drive by the frying pan when visiting family still living there. It’s a good feeling to see your artwork on public display. About fourteen years after I painted the geese, I woke up one Sunday morning, putzed around sleepily, then clicked on the TV. That show whose logo is the Sun that’s been broadcasting for forty years now, lately with Jane Pauley, was on. The host, I imagine it was Charles Kuralt back then, was standing in a field or swamp and talking about ducks or geese.

“Oh, there’s that Sunday Morning show. I haven’t seen this in years. It looks like it’s about Easton’s Waterfowl Festival.”

Then—BAM!—the scene cut to a shot where the host was talking to the camera, and over his shoulder, purposefully the backdrop, was my painting of the golden geese.

“Wow! What? On national TV! Cool! Unbelievable! I just flicked this show on after years of never having seen it and almost immediately my golden geese show up! Talk about tuning in! What the heck does this mean?”

The only answer I come up with is the incident wasn’t just a coincidence. But it was exciting and fun, plus a good ego boost, and an interesting story to tell when thinking about the unknown ways we communicate with the world around us.

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