The Beginning…

…Of a new journey—the end of an eight-year stretch of writing and editing The Remarkable Adventures of Deets Parker. So now I enter into a realm of sales, reviews, marketing, profit/loss, and… where’s the fun stuff?

I enjoy writing and when I’m really rolling, love it!  As I put together the Deets Parker series’ business plan, I naturally gravitated towards the artwork, design, and writing aspect of it. I’m not much of a social media user, but I find writing and designing newsletters and web pages keeps rust from forming in my brain, my iPad finger, and my Apple Pencil. A blog/editorial? Lord, deliver me from opinions. Expert advice? Nope—thick as a brick and empty-headed pretty much mean the same thing. Fuzzy thinking? Probably! Which brings me to ask—who invented the comma? If five different authors were asked to punctuate the same five complex sentences, they would come up with twenty-five different comma placements. I’m sure the monkey banging away at a typewriter for a hundred years managed just as well.

There, I’ve already incorporated an opinion, and maybe hiring a monkey could be considered advice.

My imagination has always been my guiding force. It’s the adventure I live and interpret to the world. Goofy—serious. Illustrations—story telling. Reflections of my mind—reflections of the times. This site will concentrate on drawings and writings, both enlightening and inane—whatever comes to mind.

The adventures continue…

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